RENO, NV – Road construction season started early this year and if you haven’t done it yet, it might be time to adapt your commute.

The latest project is the widening of McCarran Boulevard between Greg Street in Sparks and Mira Loma Street in Reno. It’s a project that is supposed to take the better part of a year and cost about $31 million. Drive through the section of road any time of day and you’ll notice it’s busy.

“Washoe County is a great place to live. Businesses and people continue to relocate here and all of that is adding more and more traffic to our roads,” said Joe Harrington, Spokesman for RTC Washoe.

As the population grows, four lanes won’t be enough on this section of McCarran, so an effort is underway to expand the road.

“The road will be going from 4 up to 6 lanes. This will really help ease traffic congestion, make sure people are not sitting in traffic jams, and that they get where they need to go expediently,” said Harrington.

About a year’s worth of work has to be done to make way for the extra lanes and complete the project.

Near the river, a lot of work is being done ahead of the actual road construction. Crews are currently working to construct the footing for a new foot bridge that will cross the river east of McCarran. It will connect into the river trail and will be separate from the driving bridge.

While all the work is happening you should expect occasional lane closures and delays, but the biggest impact should happen only during rush hour.

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