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Customers often come in frustrated that their air conditioning:

  1. Starts off cool, but then the air warms up as it runs
  2. Is cool, but it isn’t as cold as it used to be

What to Do
If your A/C isn’t blowing frosty air like it used to, your system may have a leak or need a part replaced. Or you’re A/C may just need a recharge. To find out, bring your car into any of our 5 Sierra Car Care/MST Tire Centers for an air conditioning inspection.

Complete Air Conditioning Inspection
If your car’s A/C isn’t keeping you cool enough, schedule an air conditioning inspection at one of our service stations. We will:

  • Measure output temperature
  • Visually inspect for leaks on hoses, lines, and seals
  • Inspect drive belts and pulleys
  • Check system pressure
  • Inspect condenser function
  • Test compressor function

Everything you need to keep you cool on the road.

Yours truly,
Laurie Yarborough
President, Mill Street Tire Center

Please Meet…. 

Richard Blasey, Store Manager at Sierra Car Care

Richard Blasey, Store Manager
Northwest Sierra Car Care  (on 7th St. and Elgin)

“The best part of my job is making sure a customer’s car is safe – and doing it honestly. I want customers to feel happy and safe about their service. For me, being able to give customers peace of mind about their cars is priceless.”

Gas for goodness
Every Wednesday in August, we’ll make a donation for every gallon of gas sold from our Sierra Car Care/MST Tire Centers. And we’ll donate $1.00 per tire sold from MST Tire Center on Mill Street. All of August’s donations will support Good Luck Macbeth Theater Company.

Good Luck Macbeth captures the imagination and nourishes the heart of our vibrant community by creating great theater for adults and children, providing academic theatrical training, encouraging artistic growth, collaborating with area businesses, partnering with other organizations and artists to present movies, improv, puppetry, life drawing events, and music.

So when you need gas or new tires, you can also support the local arts in our community by visiting any of our 5 locations on Wednesdays for Sierra Car Care gas and Saturdays for tires at Mill Street.

For more information, visit:
Thanks for supporting our community!

Do you know a local charity you’d like us to consider supporting?
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