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By performing a battery check, we can help save you the money, time and frustration with electrical system or unexpected battery failures. The advanced testing system tests the battery’s ability to deliver the correct current, to anticipate what temperature a battery could fail to crank your vehicle.


The purpose of early detection and preventive maintenance is to find a battery problem before a battery failure leaves you broke down, in the cold. It could be as simple as looking for cracks in a belt or excess wear. Even though your vehicle started today, your battery could fail when you least expect it. Come into any of our locations in the Reno area to have your battery tested.

Discover your battery’s condition in a few minutes. Early Detection Test only determines if a battery is good or going bad; it can detect if it is questionable. There are 3 possible conditions when testing of your battery:

  • BAD – Needs replace soon
  • MARGINAL – May fail in extreme to moderate cold or heat
  • GOOD – In 6 to 8 months you should re-test
  • MARGINALITY – The battery may start the car but its performance has started to decline. Extreme cold or heat may cause a marginal battery to completely fail.

Know when to expect battery problems:

Winter Car Breakdown - Woman Call For Help

  • Battery – Over 30% of vehicles with batteries 3 years or older can experience battery failure.
  • Heat – Whether from climate or high under-hood operating temperatures, heat speeds up battery corrosion.
  • Cold in Extreme conditions – Retards the battery’s chemical reaction that creates the cranking power in a vehicle and increases the current needed to start a vehicle.
  • Continuing to Crank with Little Driving – drains battery power without giving the vehicle’s charging system a chance to recharge the battery.

Living in certain areas can affect the life of your battery. You should inspect your battery and replace every 3-5 years. Batteries working in colder area’s last longer than warmer climates.

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Most drivers don’t realize how summer heat contributes to battery deterioration.


Auto mechanic checking car b

Summer Heat’s Effect on Batteries

When it’s hot outside, its even hotter under the hood of your car. Intense heat under the hood causes battery fluid to evaporate, which damages the internal structure of the battery itself and speeds up corrosion. These two factors affect both the internal and external structures of the battery.

The effects from heat during the summer helps to decrease the average life span of your battery.

How to Prevent Battery Damage from the Heat

You can’t control the weather and decide what the temperature will be, but you can take steps to prevent your battery from getting damaged by the heat.

Grease on your battery holds in heat, and the corrosion on the terminals caused by the heat will lead to electrical problems with your vehicle. Dirt can also drain a battery’s power, so cleaning your battery will help keep it functioning properly.

To properly clean the outer casing of your battery, water mixed with baking soda tends to have the strongest effect. Cleaning the terminals with a wire brush will allow for optimal connectivity. By keeping your battery clean, you minimize grease and corrosion combustion.

Making an effort to keep your battery cool will keep it healthier and last longer. Keeping your battery cool means parking it in the shade or a closed garage. If neither of those are a possibility, simply propping the hood open for periods of time will cool your battery a little bit as well.

How to Detect Battery Damage

If you failed to take any of these precautionary steps that will keep your battery alive long after summer, here are a few ways to detect battery problems:

  • Your first step should be to check if there’s any visible damage to your battery. If you notice any bulging, cracking, or leaking, your battery should be replaced immediately.
  • If you feel that your car is losing electrical power, is having trouble starting, or you need to frequently jump-start your car. There is a possibility that your battery is damaged. In that case you can take your vehicle into any Autozone for a FREE Battery Check, to double check the health of your battery.
  • Sometimes you won’t even be able to tell if your battery is damaged. It’s important to have your battery checked by an automotive technician before the winter months to make sure your battery is running at optimum output.

If you’re interested in other ways you can optimize vehicle performance, contact one of our ASE certified technicians. We are happy to help you get back on the road!

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