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Happy Holidays

We would like to remind you that no matter where you’re going, if you need our services we’ll be here. Whether it’s tires, an oil change or something more, our ASE certified technicians will keep your vehicle running strong.

3 Safety tips we encourage drivers to keep in mind before any long distance travel.

1. Emergency kit. Be sure to keep a winter emergency kit in the car including a flashlight (check to make sure it works and has extra batteries), booster cables, tools, duct tape, and emergency rain coats (ponchos). Extra supplies to think about packing in the trunk are: snow brush and/or scraper, gloves, water, cloth or paper towels, blankets and extra winter clothing. An emergency meal is not a bad idea as well; MRE or Meal-Ready-to-Eat or other non-perishable snacks.

2. Maintain your vehicle. Always make sure your vehicle is up to date with its maintenance, especially for winter.  If the battery is more than 3 years old, it should be tested. Windshield wiper blades are critical for clearing the windshield for a clear view. Consider replacing your worn out wiper blades with winter or all-season. Remember to keep your washer fluid reservoir full. We are currently offering a FREE Courtesy Winter Vehicle Inspection (click link for related coupon information).

3. Snow tires. If you’re considering getting snow tires, make sure you install them on all four (not just two) wheels.  Otherwise, the front (or back) of your car will respond differently to the road and ice than the other resulting in possible steering difficulties. See this related article for more information about whether to choose Winter Tires vs. Snow Tires.



Happy Holidays from Mill Street Tire

Our sincere thanks for your valued business.
We appreciate having you as our customer
and look forward to serving you in the New Year.

Steve & Laurie Yarborough
Owners of Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center

Wishing you happy holidayspresent for Christmas

Having a hard time shopping for friends
and family?


Buy any $100 Gift Card for only $90 or any
$50 Gift Card for $45 until December 31, 2013.
See any of our 5 locations for details.

1Driver safety is a priority in rough weather conditions and starts with having the right equipment for your vehicle. When driving in the snow and ice, you may want to think about some extra tire protection, like; snow chains or snow cables.

What is the difference between Snow Chains vs. Snow Cables for your tires? Is one better than the other?

Although snow chains and snow cables perform a similar job, there are several differences between them, enough to affect which one you should ultimately choose:

  • Snow Chains are made of large and heavy steel links and are often used for 2WD vehicles. Although snow cables are effective, snow chains seem to provide more traction.
  • Snow Cables are made of steel aircraft cable, encased in alloy traction coils, and are often used for 4WD vehicles. Due to their makeup, snow cables are lighter in weight than snow chains and are easier to apply/remove. They are also less expensive than snow chains.

To find out if your tires can be equipped with chains, check your vehicle’s maintenance or owner’s manual to verify that it contains no warnings advising against the installation of snow chains.

Some cars and trucks have very little clearance between the tire and other internal components, which may restrict your options to cables only.

If you have any questions or would like assistance shopping for snow chains or cables, please see a location near you and one of our Tire Specialists  will be happy to help you.

Not sure what to gift friends and family for the holidays?

We have GIFT CARDS available for Repairs, Smogs, and  Gas. Finally, a gift card YOU KNOW WILL GET USED! Just ask the cashier at any one of our five locations in the Reno and Sparks area!


Lakeside Service
(775) 825-1185
190 W. Plumb Lane & Lakeside
(1 block West of So. Virginia)

Northwest Service
(775) 747-1345
1300 W. 7th & Elgin
(1 block W. of Keystone)

Village Service
(775) 348-7508
1101 California Ave. & Booth
(S. on Keystone to Booth St.)

Sierra Car Care Sparks
(775) 358-6186
800 Prater Wy. & Pyramid Wy.
(1/2 mile N. off I-80 exit)

Mill Street Tire
(775) 329-6434
3180 Mill Street & Telegraph
(2 blocks East of Terminal)

ASE Certified Technicians, AAA

Happy Holidays from Mill Street Tire

Our sincere thanks for your valued business.
We appreciate having you as our customer
and look forward to serving you in the New Year.

Steve & Laurie Yarborough
Owners of Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center

Shop Local at Sierra Car Care and MST Tire CenterAs you shop this holiday season, remember to support local business. By shopping at locally owned businesses, you help to boost our local economy and sometimes your own wallet. Let me explain how.

Buy Local – Support Yourself
When purchasing from a locally owned business, rather than from
a nationally owned business, significantly more of your money
is re-circulated on the local level through business-to-business
purchases, increased labor force, and promotional offers, which helps
to strengthen the economic  base
of the community.

Don’t just Shop – Invest & Create Jobs
When you shop any locally owned independent business, you are investing
in our local economy with everything you buy. This investment helps build
a strong local job market by increasing the need for employees, while
encouraging competitive consumer prices.

Buy Local – Support the Community
An average of 250% more support is provided for non-profit organizations
and local charities from small local business owners than from large companies.
At Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center we are dedicated to giving back
to our local community. A portion of your purchase at the pump on
Wednesdays and tires on Saturdays (at Mill Street location only) is donated
to a different local charity every month.

You see, by choosing to pump local at any of our full service Sierra Car Care
gas stations or purchasing tires from MST Tire Center, you are helping to keep
money in our local economy and  boost the job market.

We, at Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Centers would like to offer you our
Customer Loyalty Bonus when you Shop Local. So, remember us when
shopping for your family this holiday season and  you could save:

Buy any $100 Gift Card for only $90
or any $50 Gift Card for $45

Our goal is to build a strong, vibrant community that offers the value, the
professionalism and the services you need for all your vehicle maintenance
needs. We look forward to serving you! Happy Holidays!

Shop local. Buy local. Support local.

Please visit for more information and locations.

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