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Also, we will have a booth at the 2013
Nevada Women’s Expo, Are you going?

Nevada Womens Expo 2013 Logo

March 23-24th, at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center

It’s not just for the ladies – we have prizes for every driver!
So tell your friends, family, and loved one’s to come and see
what all the excitement is about.

We also have entrance coupon discount tickets
for the Nevada Women’s Expo available at our 5 locations
in Reno and Sparks, if you are interested. Just visit for a location near you.

We hope to see you there!

Car Tune-up from Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center

Much like your body, your car needs a regular check up to keep it running smoothly and prevent big problems.

That’s the job of a tune-up.

Depending on the mileage and type of car, a tune-up generally includes replacing
a few small parts that don’t
cost much, but they wear down easily and lower your car’s performance. And these parts can cause very expensive damage when they’re worn.

Typical tune-ups include replacing spark plugs, fuel induction service, changing the air filter and fuel filter, as well as inspecting other system components for wear or damage.

If you’re not sure when your car needs a tune-up, check your owner’s manual for a schedule. Or call us for advice.

Like your health, it’s a lot less expensive and much easier to do a little preventative maintenance now, than pay to fix a bigger problem later.

Laurie Yarborough
President, Mill Street Tire Center

Please visit: for a location nearest you.

SPECIAL OFFER: INSTANT $25 OFF a Full Ignition Tune-Up
Keep your car running smoothly and reliably for many years ahead.
Offer Expires: March 31, 2013
Mention Coupon Code: IT25

Please Meet…. 

Jake Koeber - Manager Sierra Car Care in SparksJake Koeber, Store Manager
Sierra Car Care – Sparks
(on corner of Prater and Pyramid Way)

“I work for Sierra Car Care because it’s a local shop where the big boss knows your name and truly cares about your family. You can’t ask for more than that in today’s world, where it’s everyone for themselves. Here at Sierra Car Care we are about the customer, the customer comes first.”

Gas for goodnessShakespeare Animal Fund

Every Wednesday in March, we’ll make a donation for every gallon of gas sold from our Sierra Car Care/MST Tire Centers. And we’ll donate $1.00 per tire sold each Saturday at MST Tire Center on Mill Street. All donations in March will support the Shakespeare Animal Fund.

For many elderly and disabled their animals mean everything in the world to them, and when their animals become ill or injured they have no money for emergency veterinary care. That’s where Shakespeare Animal Fund steps in.

Founded in January 2004 in memory of a dog named Shakespeare, the organization’s mission statement is to stop the suffering of animals by paying emergency veterinary bills for elderly, disabled and other low income individuals. And to date the fund has paid out more than $275,000, most in the northern Nevada and northern California areas. A registered 501©(3), all donations are tax deductible.

So when you need gas or new tires, you can also support our local, Shakespeare Animal Fund by visiting any of our 5 locations on Wednesdays for gas and Saturdays for tires (Mill Street location only).

For more information,visit:
Thanks for supporting our community!

Do you know a local charity you’d like us to consider supporting?
Please see details here.

At Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center we feel that community support is important for our city’s growth and success. Community support is the backbone of the city, and we try to maintain that strong support system. Good community support promotes business and job growth in a range of fields. That is why we are passionate about giving back to the community and people within our city.

Every month we donate a portion of sales from the pump at our Sierra Car Care locations, and a portion of new tire sales from MST Tire Center, to benefit a local charity. Each month we will name a new charity for the proceeds to help. You can help these charities too, just by purchasing from Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center.

Here are some charities we were able to help in 2012:

Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center

Do you know a local charity you’d like us to consider supporting?

Email me at:

Shop Local at Sierra Car Care and MST Tire CenterAs you shop this holiday season, remember to support local business. By shopping at locally owned businesses, you help to boost our local economy and sometimes your own wallet. Let me explain how.

Buy Local – Support Yourself
When purchasing from a locally owned business, rather than from
a nationally owned business, significantly more of your money
is re-circulated on the local level through business-to-business
purchases, increased labor force, and promotional offers, which helps
to strengthen the economic  base
of the community.

Don’t just Shop – Invest & Create Jobs
When you shop any locally owned independent business, you are investing
in our local economy with everything you buy. This investment helps build
a strong local job market by increasing the need for employees, while
encouraging competitive consumer prices.

Buy Local – Support the Community
An average of 250% more support is provided for non-profit organizations
and local charities from small local business owners than from large companies.
At Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center we are dedicated to giving back
to our local community. A portion of your purchase at the pump on
Wednesdays and tires on Saturdays (at Mill Street location only) is donated
to a different local charity every month.

You see, by choosing to pump local at any of our full service Sierra Car Care
gas stations or purchasing tires from MST Tire Center, you are helping to keep
money in our local economy and  boost the job market.

We, at Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Centers would like to offer you our
Customer Loyalty Bonus when you Shop Local. So, remember us when
shopping for your family this holiday season and  you could save:

Buy any $100 Gift Card for only $90
or any $50 Gift Card for $45

Our goal is to build a strong, vibrant community that offers the value, the
professionalism and the services you need for all your vehicle maintenance
needs. We look forward to serving you! Happy Holidays!

Shop local. Buy local. Support local.

Please visit for more information and locations.

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