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vp-racing-fuelSierra Car Care and MST Tire Centers is proud to offer VP Racing Fuel. We sell 100 Octane unleaded at our pumps at our Sparks location for Street Performance vehicles including luxury cars and sports cars, collector cars, street motorcycles, etc.  We also sell packaged VP Racing fuel with higher octane for off road vehicles at all of our locations.

When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels.

Why? Because performance fuel is our passion, our lifeblood. It’s not a sideline or hobby, it’s not one department or profit center in a large conglomerate. Since 1975, it’s been the primary focus of everything we do.

And it’s not just “race gas.” It’s performance fuels of all types—racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, small engine fuels, hobby fuels, storage fuels—essentially any application requiring custom formulation for specific performance characteristics. And the pump gas you’ll find at VP-branded stations? In keeping with VP’s demanding standards, you can be confident it ranks with the best on the market.

Obsessive R&D
VP’s singular focus is reflected in our obsessive dedication to R&D. Our technological developments set us apart from every other racing fuel manufacturer. What other company would focus on developing formulas for even the smallest niches in racing—to the tune of nearly 70 blends?

While VP Racing owns and operates a fully equipped analytical laboratory, we spend most of our time working with racers in their shops, on their dynos and with their vehicles at the track. We’re actively involved in our customers’ success. That’s how most of our blends came about—in response to specific customers’ requests for help. Most of us are racers as well, so we like the thrill of competition. And we like to win.

“World Leading Technology” is a bold claim.
But the facts speak for themselves—in volumes. As if nearly 70 blends weren’t enough, VP has introduced more fuels this year that set new standards for performance in powersports, off-season storage and other applications. And you can expect the technological advancements from VP’s lab to keep on coming.

It’s about winning.
Technology aside, racing is about winning. And the fact is, in racing not subject to fuel rule restrictions, VP fuels more winners than any American fuel company. Consider the NHRA Pro Stock Champions who have made VP their fuel of choice for 34 consecutive years. Or the VP-powered AMA Pro Racing motorcyclists who swept most of the Pro Class Championships over the last decade. Or the Champions of the American LeMans series, who rely on VP to fuel some of the most technologically advanced cars in racing. Even the Champions of the Reno Air Races, where VP fuels the world’s fastest piston-powered airplanes.

So besides winning, what’s behind VP’s passion to stay on the leading edge of performance? It’s a recognition that we’re manufacturing performance parts. And our performance parts can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Race fuel is a performance part.

That’s right—fuel is a performance part, as critical to your program as a camshaft or piston. A race vehicle is nothing more than a collection of parts. And to have a winning race vehicle, you need the best parts—and that includes racing fuel. Racing fuel that is specifically designed to optimize performance in your application, according to your requirements and your fuel rules.

The most cost effective performance gains you can buy.
Because you presumably race to win, you know winning usually requires the best parts—and you get what you pay for.

Formulating race fuel is challenging and complex. Recognizing that race fuel is a performance part, VP seeks out and uses only the best components. And the components that yield the best results are expensive. That’s why VP’s fuels are typically not inexpensive. VP fuels are premium products manufactured with premium components. We take no shortcuts. If you see a lower price on another race fuel, your first question should be “what shortcuts were taken in its production” and “what am I risking or sacrificing as a result?”

vp100-barrelPrice vs. Performance
We encourage you to weigh the price of VP’s fuels against the quality and performance gains they deliver. We’re confident you’ll find they’re among the most cost-effective parts in your arsenal.

As an example, if you switch a drag car from a generic 116 octane fuel to VP’s Q16, you can pick up 30 Hp (and sometimes more) in a 550 in. engine and a .03-.05 gain in your 1/8 mile ET. Even if you’re paying $3 more per pass for Q16, that’s the cheapest horsepower you can buy!

Or say you switch your circle track car from a “standard” 110 fuel to VP113. You’ll find it makes more power, offers better throttle response, burns cleaner and your engine runs cooler. And because it runs cooler, you’ll maintain power through the longest races and harshest conditions. Considering what you spend on your engine, isn’t it worth $1-2 extra per gallon to not only improve your chances of winning but also protect your investment?

Please call us at one of our store locations or contact us online.

Hot August Nights - Kay Sawyer Dean

Photo By: Kay Sawyer Dean

Once again we begin Reno’s Hot August Nights! The plethora of events taking place in Reno and Sparks in August make it a hot spot for visitors from around the world, near and far alike. The biggest little city is an exciting place to be! The events, festivals, and concerts are some of the best attributes this city has to offer. They allow us to share our city with travelers from all over.

We are currently wrapping up July’s amazing Artown events to bring us into the long awaited Hot August Nights. It’s the largest classic car event in the country and participants span the entire region.

Our classic car appreciation is shown all year long at Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center. We display are classics in front of the stations, to share our deep roots in the automobile industry. We love this time of year!

Classic Car Sierra Car CareCome and enjoy the event with the whole family! You will see restored hot rods, muscle cars, classic cars, some with hoods open and some cruisin. It is enough to make any hot rod enthusiast nostalgic of popular decades of the past. You can expect to see more than 5,000 classic vehicles in this year’s showing! The events include: Show-n-Shines, drag races, burn-outs, nightly cruises, swap meet, sock hop, prom, and more. All of this whilst the best performers from the era provide headline entertainment!

At Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Centers, we would like to remind you that if you need a cold drink or to fill up your gas tank we are right there, next to the action in Sparks and Reno. We carry packaged VP Racing Fuels at all locations and from the pump at our Pyramid and Prater location in Sparks, NV. When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels.

Barrett-Jackson Cup 2013

Hot August Nights – Tahoe South
Aug. 2, 2013 – Aug. 3, 2013

Hot August Nights – Reno and Sparks
August 6, 2013 – August 11, 2013




Our closest Sierra Car Care and MST Tire Center location to the Victorian Square in Sparks, NV, is on the corner of Pyramid and Prater. We have a few locations close to the downtown Reno strip; they are, California Ave, Lakeside and Plumb, and Keystone and 7th.

If you find yourself in need of tires during the event, we have exactly what you are looking for at our Tire Warehouse location on Mill Street, MST Tire Center. Because we have an extensive inventory of more than 4,000 tires in-stock, our unparalleled tire selection assures you that we will have the replacement tire for your car or truck.

Daily Event Schedule for Hot August Nights
There will be many different activities to fill each day of Hot August Nights. For a detailed events schedule click here.
Upcoming Events in Reno-Sparks and Surrounding Areas:
  1. Artown
    Hot August Nights
    Lake Tahoe Summerfest
    Sparks Farmer’s Market
    Reno-Tahoe Open
    Shakespeare Festival
    Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series
    Rib Cook-Off
    Burning Man
    Balloon Races
    Camel Races
    Reno Air Races
    Street Vibrations
    And Much More!!!

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