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We’re often asked, “What’s a coolant or antifreeze flush, and do I really need one?”

In short, yes. Here’s why… The name coolant/antifreeze is misleading because it does more than heat or cool your engine, and protect your engine from Checking the radiator antifreezefreezing in the winter.

Coolant/Antifreeze keeps your car running and prevents expensive bills like replacing radiators, head gaskets, and heater cores. These repairs could run you $400 -$1500. But a simple coolant flush done every 2-5 years can help you avoid those high bills.

How Coolant/Antifreeze Works
Today’s engines run hotter than older cars. And to meet government fuel mileage regulations, manufacturers make most engine parts out of aluminum. This includes your cooling system, radiator, and heater core.

The problem is, aluminum corrodes easily – especially when heated. So our hotter-running cars mixed with aluminum parts combine to break down your engine antifreeze faster.

Engine coolant/antifreeze contains inhibitors that protect metals from eroding and corroding. It does this by raising the boiling point and lowering the freezing point of your engine’s cooling system.

So just like the carton of milk in your refrigerator, engine coolant/antifreeze breaks down over time and needs changing.

When Should I Change My Coolant/Antifreeze?
If you want to avoid hefty car repair bills, change your coolant/antifreeze seasonally. It’s best to have a professional check your antifreeze and recommend the next change.

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Gas for goodnessWe Care Volunteers

Every Wednesday in October, we’ll make a donation for every gallon of gas sold from our Sierra Car Care/MST Tire Centers. And we’ll donate $1.00 per tire sold each Saturday at MST Tire Center on Mill Street. All of October’s donations will support We Care Volunteers.

At We Care Volunteers our goal is to feed those who cannot feed themselves, and to educate – through OUR volunteer service, those individuals who lack the life skills needed to make wise food choices and to help provide them with the skills to become better stewards of their health.

  • We envision communities comprised of
    individuals who have been trained to prepare
    meals that are nutritious– that enrich their
    bodies and nourish their souls.
  • We envision communities that are resourceful,
    self-sustaining, and that work towardsWe Care Volunteers Reno, NV
    everyone’s highest good.
  • We envision communities built around
    cooperation rather than competition.

So when you need gas or new tires, you can also support We Care Volunteers by visiting any of our 5 locations on Wednesdays for gas and Saturdays for tires.

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